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Palm Coast Inshore Fishing Report

What a great day of fishing for Scott and John! Our plans were to fish the flood tide for redfish, looking for tails and using artificial lures. We had to wait on the tide so we killed some time in deep water where the bull reds were chewing live mullet pegged to the bottom.

After the tide started to come in quick, we left the deep water for shallow spartina grass flats that were starting to flood. We setup and waited as the water levels rose and the snails started climbing the grass blades, we finally saw our first tail. I quietly polled my Hellsbay skiff and gave Scott his first shot at a north florida redfish. This same scenario continued until dark.





Capt. Chris Herrera



Palm Coast Inshore Fishing Report

What a great day of fishing with Tom and Patty Scott from Palm Coast. We had numerous hook ups and double ups to keep them busy for the entire trip. Most of the redfish were oversize and put up plenty of fight. Bait of choice was a live finger mullet and quartered crab on a 1/0 oz fish finder rig and 3/0 Daiichi circle hook.


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Capt. Chris Herrera
















Palm Coast Inshore Fishing Report

What a great day Mark and his son Luke had with me fishing out of Palm Coast. We met at first light at Bings landing and shortly after meeting Luke, he expressed how he has been fishing four time for redfish and has not caught one yet. I assured him today we would break his non catching streak.

We started the morning off fishing the mid outgoing tide in the back of creeks looking for redfish that were on the move and feeding on the bait being flushed from the grass into the open creek. We immediately spotted some redfish movement and casted a live shrimp on a jighead that was immediately inhaled by a nice redfish.


Mark was not to be out done by his son Luke and caught this nice upper slot redfish that we saw cruising into a deep hole. Mark used a quartered crab on a jig head that was inhaled in about 30 seconds when it hit bottom.


As the tide dropped we left for another creek where we were able to score many more redfish and had a great time just watching the redfish put on a heck of a feeding show.




Capt. Chris Herrera


Palm Coast Fishing Report

This past week has had its ups and downs but overall a great time was had by all. As the week progressed the tidal range kept getting higher and higher until it finally flooded the spartina grass flats. Fishing the incoming tide at first light has produced the most redfish with either  artificial lures or bait. For lures I like topwater plugs or soft plastic jerk baits, for the live bait angler a quartered crab has been producing the most.

As the tide floods the tails start waiving, redfish tails that is. Poling or wading is the standard norm for approaching tailing redfish. Any weedless soft plastic lure that resembles a crab will catch the eye of any tailing redfish. Fly anglers should use weedless flies that resemble any shrimp or crustacean pattern.


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Palm Coast Inshore Report

Fishing this past week has been good during the first hour of light especially when it coincides with low tide. Redfish have been working down the banks with their backs out eating little mullet and crabs along the way. Best artificial lures are soft plastic rigged weedless and worked slowly in front of redfish. Flounder have also showed up in good numbers in the flats during low tide, we have seen them flying out of the water in order to ambush their prey.







Palm Coast Inshore Fishing Report

I always enjoy spending time on the water with families who emphasize that it’s all about their young child catching fish and not them. This day was one of those days where we set out to get 6 year old Emma Rose on some fish and that we did.

She had a blast naming every fish she caught including this nice snook who ate a live shrimp.



After catching plenty of fish, it was dad’s turn to have some fun. We hit a creek that had some hungry redfish and John was able to hook and land this whopper!


Overall it was a successful day!


Capt. Chris Herrera


Palm Coast Fishing Report

Another great morning of chasing redfish in the shallow water flats of Palm Coast. I had the pleasure of having Joe, his son Thomas and grandpa Edwin aboard the Hells Bay skiff this morning. With the wind blowing less than 5mph and clear skies, it was easy to spot the first school of fish of the morning cruising down the intracoastal feeding on mullet. We positioned the skiff just ahead of the school and let a zara spook topwater plug fly into the strike zone which was pounced on immediately. Lil Thomas was first up and did a great job landing a jack that was just as big as him.


We had a blast fighting these big jacks with topwater plugs but continued our adventure to the shallows in search of redfish on the oyster layden mud flats.

We immediately saw life around the oysters and bombed a topwater plug around the oyster beds that got completely had a nice redfish explode on the plug. After some near mishaps and tangles in the oysters we were able to entice this redfish to the boat.


Great job Joe!



After a brief pause in redfish action, we decided to make a move to a hole which is normally loaded with small drum, redfish and snapper . I wanted to keep Thomas’s attention by letting him catch a few before moving on to another redfish spot.


After a handful of fish, we moved to our last spot which proved to be our best spot. We were able to catch 4 redfish on back to back cast with Thomas landing a perfect 27 inch redfish.



Capt. Chris Herrera


Palm Coast Fishing Report

What another great charter for Don and Brenda Lampton from Palm Coast. We set out to catch some inshore redfish and we did exactly just that. The Lampton’s straight wore them out on quartered crabs on a daiichi 3/0 circle hook and big split shot. After it was all said and done I believe we totaled 20 redfish for the day.


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2015-07-09 09.54.37_resized


Capt. Chris Herrera


Palm Coast Fishing Report

What a great week of catching redfish for all of my clients. Most of the redfish were caught using live bait but my lure anglers did great landing nice upper slot redfish on topwater plugs and soft plastics


















Palm Coast Fishing Report

Had the pleasure of spending some “water time” with Craig Wood and his grandson RJ. We had a blast watching RJ catch some lady fish, jacks and some nice slot redfish.


Here is a pic of one of RJ’s catches:




Capt. Chris Herrera