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Replacing wheel bearings

Replacing Wheel Bearings and Hubs

By Captain Chris Herrera



 It’s that time again to make a check list and get not only your boat but trailer ready for those long or short hauls to your favorite fishing destination. A 20 minute check can save you not only hours of being stranded on the side of the road but plenty of costly repairs and worse case scenario your life.


Here is a list on how to check your trailers bearing and hubs:


Tools- Wrench, Flat Head Screw Driver, Hammer, Fine Grit Sandpaper



Checking Hubs and Bearings for ware.

  • Look for ware on Grease caps (if water intrusion is found from leak in grease cap inspect bearings)
  • Jack up trailer, spin tire and listen for grinding or noises. Make sure tires turns with ease and there is no wobble or play in the tire
  • Inspect Hubs, look for corrosion and grease leaking from back of Hub through seal
  • If ware or noise is present disassemble hub and check Bearings for rust


Step 1. Removing Hub from Spindle

  • Hammer off old grease caps
  • Straighten tang washer (use screw driver)
  • Remove Castle Nut and Washer (use wrench)
  • Clean Spindle (rub with very fine sandpaper)


Step 2. Preparing and assembly of Hubs and Bearings

  • Prep both Hubs by inserting marine grease in to Hubs
  • Apply Marine Grease to Bearing  (place grease in palm and cover bearing)
  • Insert Bearing into Hub tapered side first (make sure bearing moves freely)
  • Insert other greased Bearing on back of Hub
  • Gently use hammer to tap on seals on back of Hubs

Seat seal flush to hub DO NOT drive into hub

  • Wipe off excess grease


Step 3. Installing hubs to Trailer

  • Add some Marine Grease to Spindle
  • Slide Hub onto Spindle (make sure hubs sits flush on spindle
  • Insert Slide Washer (could use old one if in good shape)
  • Insert New Tang Washer
  • Tighten Castle nut all the way to seat Bearing then back off  ¼ turn (make sure there is no play in hub by tugging towards and away from your body)
  • Bend one end of Tang washer to lock in Castle nut
  • Apply grease with grease gun (3-5 pumps max-over greasing can blow out seals on back of hubs
  • Attach grease caps or dust caps by gently tapping with a hammer




·        Use gloves as this could be a messy job

·        If on long trips carry spare hub, bearings and tools



If you do not want to tackle this project on your own contact Nick at Ormond Trailer and Hitch for parts and service 386-615-8239





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