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How to Fillet a Flounder

The first steps of cleaning a Flounder is making sure you have a sharp fillet knife and a good cutting surface. I normally do all my Flounder cleaning in my kitchen and lay down news paper to create a non slip surface.


the red lines represent the cuts that are made into the flounder.


Step 1

I lay the Flounder facing to the left and create my semi “T” cut. I start  the gill cut from the top of the flounder to the bottom of the flounder.


Step 2

 My second cut is down the latteral line which is on the flounders backbone that starts at the gills and continue all the way to the tail.


Step 3

Start at the top of the flounder insert the knife along the backbone and work the tip of the knife at an angle using long strokes that start at the gills and continue to the tail, cutting the meat away from the bones. Use your free hand to lift the fillet and almost peeling the fillet back off the bone as you cut.



know start on the other side of the flounder and cut open fillet the same way.



Step 5

Now you can cut the fillets free from the flounder and remove the skin by holding the tip of the fillet with a fork and use the fillet knife at an angle and slide the fillet knife between the skin and meat.

Your half way done since flounder hold meat on both sides of their body, so turn the flounder over and redo steps 1-5 and now you have 4 fillets and a good meal.





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