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Sight Fishing

January and February are by far my favorite time of year to fish for redfish as it’s “sight fishing season”. It all starts after cold temps cool the water below 60 degrees which kills the brown algae that makes the water look “murky”.  There are three major factors that play into a successful sight fishing trip, the 3 factors are Sun, Wind and Tides.

Early morning starts are not a must as best times are between 10 and 2pm where the sun is at its highest peak. Not only is the sun a major factor to sight fishing but so is the wind. Windy days make sight fishing for redfish a bit tougher but a smooth glassy non windy day makes it as easy as it can be to see fish. Tides is the last factor as you can catch them on both tides but low tides make it easier as fish get concentrated into shallow sloughs and troughs.

I prefer to fly fish while sight fishing with small shrimp patterns or small bait fish patterns but sight fishing is not limited to just fly fishing. Small soft plastics like paddle tails rigged weedless or with a 1/8th ounce jig head will trick many redfish into eating.

There is no other “tool” more important to sight fishing (other than what you are catching them with) than polarized sunglasses. Sunglasses come in many shapes and sized, lens color and materials, in my opinion the best for redfish is an amber or copper lens with frames that minimize the amount of light that leaks in from the sides.



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