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Sheepshead are in!

Sheepshead fishing has been great over the past few weeks, these guys can be a lot of fun and when found in good numbers make for steady action. Lately I have been finding sheepshead around deeper structure rock piles, docks, bridges and even steep drop off’s around the ICW. The rig that I have found to be the most effective lately is a fish finder rig. Depending on how fast the tide is moving in the area that you are fishing will dictate what size weight you will need to fish, but I have found that a 1/2oz has been a good all around size. Putting to much weight will effect how you feel bites and can make them tricky to catch. I have found because of how small sheepshead’s mouths are and how they eat that a smaller strong hook like a size 1 works best.

Sheepshead head feed on mostly crustaceans such as small crabs, shrimp, barnacles, oysters etc. Fiddler crabs and mangrove crabs are great baits for sheepshead because they are hardy and stay on a hook well. Sheepshead can be a little tricky to hook sometimes, I have found that when I feel a bite that slowly lifting my rod until i feel the weight of the fish on my line before setting the hook is a good method for hooking them.

Capt. Caleb Blackburn