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Flood tide? What is it and what’s the big deal? Well it’s probably one of the most sought after tides a shallow water angler will target redfish this time of year. Nothing is more exciting to a shallow water anglers than sight fishing “backing redfish” or “tailing redfish!”

Tailing redfish looking for crabs or snails.
marsh crab seeking refuge on a grass stalk

During late summer and early fall the full moons and new moons bring in extra higher tides that flood spartina grass flats that are usually dry or have minimal water. The average depth of water we fish is no more than knee high with shin high being best. That opens up opportunities to be poled by one of our experience guides or you can get out and wade firm bottom.

Flooded pools ready to fish
wading is popular way to fish when you have multiple shots or angler

There are two main ways we target flood tide redfish, on fly or spin with soft plastics. Our preferred way is to fly fish for them and really gives our fly anglers some of the best sight fishing opportunities. For our non fly casters we have just as much fun poling you in range to pick off these redfish with soft plastic lures.

Capt Cullen Traverso is one of our top shallow water fly guides who specializes in flood tides is seen here releasing a redfish caught on fly.

photo by Capt. Cullen
photo by Capt. Cullen
Photo by Capt. Cullen

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Capt. Chris Herrera